Virginians have a constitutionally protected right to work with their healthcare providers and make their own choices about their health care.

Glenn Youngkin’s plan?

Women have no right to choose.


When COVID-19 hit, many Virginians and their businesses were left struggling. Aid came in the form of the American Rescue Plan, delivering direct payments to millions, billions of dollars to schools in Virginia, and extended tax credits to families.

Multi-millionaire Glenn Youngkin’s plan?

None of that. It’s “unnecessary.”


Virginia’s leaders have made great strides in making our communities safer with meaningful reform. We need to protect these common-sense reforms and keep Virginia safe.

Lifetime member of the NRA Glenn Youngkin’s plan?

Veto every common-sense gun law.


Medicaid expansion has given over half a million Virginians access to affordable health care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Virginia needs a Governor who will protect our most vulnerable.

Multi-millionaire Glenn Youngkin’s take on it?

Medicaid expansion’s a “sad thing.”


All Virginians should have access to world-class public schools to set our children up for success.

Glenn Youngkin’s plan for Virginia students?

Drain funding from our public schools and fire the board of education.


Virginia helped lead the way on marriage equality and we were the first in the South to pass anti-LGBTQ discrimination laws. We need leaders who will continue to fight for and protect all Virginians.

Anti-LGBTQ Glenn Youngkin’s plan?

Use his platform to attack young trans girls’ rights.